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Alice in

Come and discover our floral display
at Mother Vine, Pavilion Rd, London, SW1

Loire Bucket List settled at Mother Vine on Pavilion Road to participate to Chelsea in Bloom.

Participating for the first time to this floral festival was a natural choice as floral expression is the DNA for the Loire Valley and its wines.

This year theme for Chelsea in Bloom is “British Icons”, to celebrate to the Queens Julibee. We chose to explore the Alice in Wonderland universe in its floral structure. Lewis Carol’s story is a British icon but also an universal piece of literature. It is about exploration, adventure, and transportation to a fantastic universe ….. Such as Loire Valley wines and that’s the reason why they’re on your Bucket List this spring!

Our floral structure’s called “Alice in Winder-derland”

Drinking Loire Valley wines’s like drinking Alice’s magical potion – it will bring you from a discovery to another, each wine being just as surprising, different to another and wonderful as Alice’s adventures are.

Chelsea in Bloom: Welcome

We are running a competition for all passers-by on Pavilion Road and visitors to Mother Vine 

Take a picture of yourself in front of our floral artwork, share your picture on Instagram and tag us to enter the competition. Many prizes win! 

Chelsea in Bloom: Image

We are delighted to announce that our

Alice in Wine’derland

floral structure won Chelsea In Bloom competition's Silver Medal!

Chelsea in Bloom: Image
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